Business Networking as Seen through the Business Days events

    Business Days are the only business events in Romania which, in the course of the two days, provide at least  5 ways of generating real opportunities, thanks to the business networking formal and informal sessions:

    1. business networking sessions held as  international evenings
    2. business networking sessions held as open sessions
    3. business networking meetings generated through the matchmaking application in the business networking special zone of the socialization and interaction area
    4. informal business networking meetings held during the development of special events (wine tasting, fashion displays, fashion shows, product and service launches, special evenings for the customers of partner companies, meetings of various communities that use the Business Days platform to meet, free access special workshops)
    5. VIP networking type special dinners where access is conditional on special invitations from organizers. Such dinners have limited number of guests. The guests with VIP access tickets are received at such events.

    The Business Days events intermingle in a smart and efficient manner online and mobile business networking tools with many opportunities to generate interactivity  throughout the event.

    The purpose of the Business Days events is to dynamize the business environment in Romania, generating effective opportunities for business development by encouraging the spirit of association, of cooperation, by interactions and exchange of experience and also by facilitating access to intellectual resources and to know-how.

    International business networking evenings

    They are special business networking meetings organized in partnership with special support of embassies, of consulates, of bilateral commerce chambers and businessmen associations.  Their purpose is to encourage interaction between the representatives of foreign companies in Romania, the foreign businessmen that are interested in finding partners in Romania, or to invest in this country and in the Romanian businessmen on local, regional or national level.

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    Open Type Business Networking

    Open type business networking sessions are addressing any guest that is willing to enjoy the opportunity-generating facilities.  Such sessions have one limitation of the number of places. A maximum of 100 guests may attend a session, subject to having confirmed their attendance. 





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    What are the matchmaking type business networking sessions?

    MATCHMAKING – is a type of business networking designed to offer the speakers, the partners and the guests  maximum benefits  from attending such an event, owing to the chance to appoint meetings with anyone in the guest list, according to matchmaking criteria, in adequate places prepared for businessmen meetings.

    Matchmaking may be developed in two ways :

    • on individual basis through the “meet-me” software application provided for free to all guests  (as detailed below)
    • through the support of a specially trained team, upon accessing  business networking premium services, according to a “meeting profile”  to be filled in two or three weeks before the event, where relevant matchmaking criteria should be put in. (By accessing these facilities you receive the support of our colleagues who are specially trained in providing advice and assistance throughout your pursuit to find out partners and to set the meeting-related details).


    “Meet-me” Matchmaking

    The software made available to the guests allows to :

    • search by four criteria  in the guest database, by the business field, company, position and name
    • appoint meetings ,
    • exchange the contact details.

     The date of a meeting is established in two steps:

    • The person who initiates the meeting submits a meeting proposal, upon reviewing the meeting calendar provided by the software;
    • The person receiving the invitation checks out his/her availability in the calendar and accepts or denies or proposes another appointment.

    Access to software is free of charge for all categories of Business Days stakeholders: partners, speakers and guests.


    How to generate a list of business opportunities using the “meet-me” application?

    In order to use this facility in the registration process, the guest should tick the option „generate business opportunities from the list of guests”.

    Upon ticking this option, at the end of the registration procedure and once the registration form is filled in, you will receive  an e-mail with a link where you may put in:

    • the business fields that you are interested in  (from a drop-down list) – minimum 1 – maximum 3
    • choose the level of positions regarding the guests that you would meet (from a drop-down list) – minimum 1 – maximum 3 (the order counts)
    • pick up from a list of opportunities the opportunities you are looking for  in a potential partner (from a drop-down list) – minimum 1 – maximum 3 (the order counts)
    • pick up from a list of opportunities the opportunities that you can offer  to a potential partner interested in working with you – minimum 1 – maximum 3

    What a partner is looking for or the opportunity he can offer  will be added in one of the following categories:

    • business relations,
    • consultancy,
    • labour relations,
    • interview,
    • business feedback

    Once filled in these fields, the software will search in the database the matching interests  and will fix a list of maximum 10 stakeholders matching the specified criteria.

    The list may be read directly in the „meet-me”matchmaking application and will be included on a link in the invitation automatically generated by the system upon completion of the registration process.

    The list is re-generated automatically on each access or on any change of the matching criteria made in the „meet-me” application.

     Two types of actions may be generated with the people on the lists, through the matchmaking application:

    • request to exchange contact details  (this facility starts working a few days before the event, being active until the next year's edition)
    • appoint a meeting in the business networking zone or anywhere in the socialization zone, through the meeting schedule facility (the facility works only during the event)

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