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How the actual crisis has changed the way we are making business


The nowadays situation, with the COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we work - suddenly, the companies had to change their social and work environment to the new conditions, with new ways of managing their teams and client relationships.

Business Days team has understood even from the beginning the importance of smart managing the human factor and decided to protect the employees by starting to work from home. Like us, many other business partners and clients.

We have tested many project and team management tools and decided to stop on, a collaborative work platform which allow us to plan and manage our activities, in order to keep our efficiency and productivity at the highest level.




Adapt your business processes to the new context


  • Work fast and adapt easy allows your team members to work together even if they are not in the same place, in a way adapted to their needs, but also to your business, keeping the team agile
  • Communication and connection
    When working remotely, you need an improved communication flow and a developed collaboration process. Work with Monday and centralize all communication within the context of workflows and projects. Eliminate sync meetings and endless email chains to enable remote teams to stay productive.
  • Objective alignment and prioritization
    When your team is working in different places, you need an improved objectives flow. allows you to prioritize your projects and tasks, to allocate them accordingly and have a full overview on all projects evolution, but also on team performance and individual efficiency.

How to use to boost your team's performance


Business Days is a partner

Business Days is a partner

Business Days is a trusted partner. We are offering consultancy in setting and implementing platform in your organisation and we also offer trainings and onboarding help for your team.

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