Creating connections and business opportunities

    Creating connections and business opportunities


    Creating connections is a useful skill nowadays. Specialists are saying that business networking involves making connections not only with likely customers or clients, but also with other individuals who might refer business to you, or mention your name in some positive way to people they know.

    According to and, who quotes a LinkedIn study, the majority of respondents indicated that the marketing methods they were using included networking (68.8%) and referrals (54.3%). Another study reported that 78 percent of startups say networking is vital to their entrepreneurial endeavors.

    But what a successful business networking is? It's a lot of things - creating connections, making the other ones more important than yourself, creating impression.

    How can we help you with that?


    Business Networking at Business Days Events

    Business Networking at Business Days Events

    Business Days are the only business events in Romania which, in the course of the one or two days, provide at least  5 ways of generating real business networking opportunities, thanks to the business networking formal and informal sessions:

    1. Business networking sessions during the events, hel as dedicated mini-events or as VIP meetings, based on your needs and requests
    2. Business networking sessions held as open sessions, where participants can be Business Days events participants: entrepreneurs, managers, experts & specialists in different areas of expertise -  Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Leadership, Innovation, Technology, but also different company employees passionate about these areas of expertise
    3. Business networking meetings generated in the business networking special zone of the socialization and interaction area
    4. Informal business networking meetings held during the evening at the events (wine tastings, fashion displays, fashion shows, product and service launches, special evenings for the customers of partner companies, meetings of various communities that use the Business Days platform to meet, free access special workshops)
    5. VIP networking type special dinners where access is conditional on special invitations from organizers. Such dinners have limited number of guests. The guests with VIP access tickets are received at such events.

    The Business Days events mix in a smart and efficient manner online and mobile business networking tools with many opportunities to generate interactivity  throughout the event.

    In the last 10 years, many companies from different industries - IT&C, Banking and Finance, Automotive, Transport, FMGC  have chosen to create partnerships and find new clients at the Business Days events.


    Business Days Matchmaking Tools

    Business Days Matchmaking Tools

    At first, the Matchmaking service offered by Business Days was a type of business networking designed to offer the speakers, partners and guests maximum benefits from attending a Business Days event, owing to the chance to appoint meetings with anyone in the guest list, based on differents criteria.

    Now, matchmaking can be created in two ways :

    • on individual basis through the “meet-me” request addressed to Business Days team, with an online or face-to-face meeting
    • during the Business Days events, through the support of a specially trained team

    “Meet-me” Matchmaking

    Allows you to request from Business Days team one or a few meetings with potential partners or clients: Business Days has access to more than 150,000 entrepreneurs, managers and experts in different areas of expertise and is connected directly with the most known businessmen in Romania.

    So, if you are looking for

    • New business relations in Romania
    • Face-to-face or online meetings with businessmen fron Romania

    Just let us know!

    Matchmaking meetings at the Business Days events

    Do you need to meet a certain entrepreneur or Romanian business angel, from a certain region of the country? You can have a matchmaking meet during the Business Days events, with the support of a specially trained team from Business Days.