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Special program for business delegations

We are nearly on the flat line with the first edition of CEE Entrepreneurship Summit, which will overlap with the 20th edition of Business Days and which will take place at Grand Hotel Napoca in Cluj-Napoca between 14  and 16 October 2015.

The event takes place during 3 days, 2 days of Cluj Business Days 2015 and another day especially for foreign businessmen delegations, when we will visit some of the industrial parks and business centers in the region, and have a series of meetings with officials and renowned businessmen from the areas we visit.

Foreign delegations have a special program during the CEE Entrepreneurship Summit event:

  • 13 October – receiving foreign guests and foreign delegations
  • 14 October 9:00-13:30 – one-to-one meetings with businessmen from Romania selected with a large-scale matchmaking process carried out based on the quiz filled in upon registration or participation at conferences, for those who have no meetings
  • 14 October 13:30-14:30 - VIP Lunch and networking
  • 14 October 14:30-18:10 – presenting the business environment in Romania, sectorial analyses, presentation of the taxation system, presentation of facilities for investors and foreign companies carrying out business in Romania
  • 14 October 18:30-20:10 – international business networking evening, followed by famous Romanian wine tasting
  • 14 October 21:00-23:00 – special VIP dinner and networking
  • 15 October 9:00-13:30 – one-to-one meetings with businessmen from Romania selected with a large-scale matchmaking process carried out based on the quiz filled in upon registration or participation at conferences, for those who have no meetings
  • 15 October 13:30-14:30 - VIP Lunch and networking
  • 15 October 14:30-18:10 – Visiting business centers, office buildings, industrial parks in Cluj-Napoca
  • 15 October 18:30-20:10 – international business networking evening, followed by traditional product and famous Romanian wine tasting
  • 15 October 21:00-23:00 - special VIP dinner
  • 16 October 8:00-10:00 – meetings with officials from Cluj-Napoca
  • 16 October 10:00-21:00 – visiting industrial parks in the region (Dej, Bistrita-Nasaud, Reghin, Targu Mures, Sibiu, Medias) and meetings with officials from Sibiu and Targu Mures
  • 16 October 21:00-23:00 – festive dinner at Jidvei Castle and famous romanian wine tasting

You can find details about the benefits packages for foreign businessmen delegations at page 13 in the detailed presentation of the CEE Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 project. The package can be either with or without accommodation. For those who choose the package without accommodation, we can provide assistance and recommendations in finding the best accommodation options during the event.

For delegates who wish to know the region of Transylvania better, we offer the possibility of a trip on 17 October to some of the most spectacular tourist and cultural destinations in the region: Cluj-Napoca, Targu Mures, Turda Salt Mine, Cheile Turzii, Sibiu, Alba-Iulia Citadel, the fortified church of Biertan, Sighisoara, Sovata.

All foreign delegates will have VIP access tickets to the event Cluj Business Days 2015, which will take place both in Romanian and English and they can attend any action. 

Attend the CEE Entrepreneurship Summit in 2015, the largest event dedicated to entrepreneurship and business development in Central and Eastern Europe!
Choose one of the ways to participate:

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Participation packages for delegates

For the foreign business delegations that wish to attend the CEE Entrepreneurship Summit 2015, we designed a special attendance package, focusing on the maximization of business networking opportunities during the three days of the event and on the creation of backgrounds for finding out more valuable and useful information about:

  • the significance of the business environment in Romania,
  • the opportunities offered by the region and by Romania in general,
  • the legal system and taxation and their impact on the business environment, and
  • the facilities offered to investors or businessmen interested in carrying out business exchanges with our country.

The package also includes a series of visits to industrial parks, business centers, meetings with officials and successful businessmen in the region and at national level.

The package may be purchased without accommodation or with accommodation for 4 nights at Grand Hotel Napoca (4*) and transfer from the airport to the hotel at arrival (13.10) and from the hotel to the airport at departure (17.10).


The list of industrial and logistics parks we intend to present to the foreign delegations attending the CEE Entrepreneurship Summit 2015. The list and program will be finalized a few days before the event based on the questionnaires filled in by the foreign delegations.

We will try to visit industrial and logistics parks from: Cluj-Napoca, Dej, Jibou, Targu Mures, Sibiu, Oradea, Medias.


The industrial and logistics parks will be visited on October 15th, in the afternoon, and during the entire day of October 16th, 2015.

On October 16th, we will try to organize the special VIP dinner at Balta Alba Castle, located on the Jidvei domain, where a special wine tasting event will take place.


For the foreign delegations that wish to spend the weekend (October 17th – 18th) in Romania, we can organize a series of trips for visiting some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the area: Cluj-Napoca, Targu Mures, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Sovata, the Turda Salt Mine, Cheile Turzii, the Alba-Iulia Citadel, the fortified Church in Biertan.


These trips require a separate discussion and based on the number of chosen tourist attractions and on the distance to be travelled, a cost will be calculated. All trips will be made with qualified guides and speakers of English.

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Advertising possibilities for delegates

Business Days provides numerous advertising opportunities, both at the event’s venue in front of over 2,000 persons (number of participants expected at Business Days’ 20th edition), in front of over 9,000 online viewers watching on a daily basis the live broadcasts on the two video-streams at the event’s venue, of over 90,000 readers of the Business Days Magazine, of over 200,000 readers of the blog, of over 90,000 Facebook followers or of over 300,000 viewers of the educational video channel Business Days TV.

The foreign delegations interested in advertising are offered a number of advertising opportunities:

  • The opportunity of having a presentation stand and product and service demos
  • The opportunity of having an insert in the participants’ folder
  • The opportunity of having a brief company presentation moment within one of the business networking sessions or international nights
  • The opportunity of having a brief intervention within one of the Business Days conferences (very limited seats)
  • The opportunity of being a member of the specialist panel within a workshop or special actions
  • The opportunity to make a video-interview broadcasted live, plus the broadcasting of such interview on the Business Days TV platform and advertising on social media + appearance in the Business Days newsletter(over 120,000 subscribers)
  • The opportunity of having an interview in Business Days Magazine + appearance on the Business Days blog + appearance on social media + appearance in the Business Days newsletter
  • The opportunity of having an advertising mockup in Business Days Magazine
  • The opportunity of having one or more roll-ups at the event’s venue

These are only a few of the advertising opportunities offered during the CEE Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 on the Business Days platform. The advertising offer is much broader and more diversified. For a customized offer in line with your needs and budget, please contact one of our colleagues below.

Laszlo Pacso
President and Coordinator of Business Days Projects

+40-745-080802 Nicolescu
CEO Business Days

+40-741-163700 Acsente
Logistic and Administrative Coordinator



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