Workshop 11 - Excellence in the relationship with clients

To whom is it addressed? – Entrepreneurs, customer service managers, commercial managers, sales managers, those who work in support teams, those who work in telesales and telemarketing departments, managers who work with people.

What is the procedure? – Moderated Q&A sessions.


Leadership today is one that should take into consideration, in team or organization management, the perceived quality and the excellence in delivering services or products to the client and in the capacity of developing durable relationships based on professionalism, empathy and the real desire to help solving the problems and needs of clients or partners. Without these ingredients, today, in the age of modern technologies, where communication is instant and the client has access to any information on the market, in just a few second, including reviews of products or services, you will not be able to survive.

Excellence in delivering the experience of interacting with the company and the brand becomes essential in the times we are living in. On a market where competition forces us to differentiate ourselves through innovation, marketing means fully understanding the client’s behavior and providing a one-of-a-kind experience, in accordance with their psychological and emotional needs. Whoever understands these minimal ideas will only win – pleased clients who will recommend the brand to others, but above all, who will come back with pleasure and impatience the next time!

This workshop aims to answer questions like:

  • how can you differentiate yourself through the quality of the services you provide clients?
  • how to create a culture focused on satisfying the clients’ needs?
  • how to create a positive working environment, based on collaboration?
  • how to reduce retention costs with employees and clients?
  • how to make sure the service provision systems will be customized for the unique needs of various clients?

In order to attend this workshop you need a PLUS access ticket (one day or both days) or PREMIUM (one day or both days).

Invest in your personal and professional development! Be better than your competition! 

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List of speakers

CEO & CTO, Co-Founder , MiniCRM

Leskó Norbert is a tech Entrepreneur, born in Budapest, living in Vienna. The CEO & CTO, Co-Founder, MiniCRM Inc., 2009, a cloud based sales & marketing automation software, accessible for thousands of small business users. His vision is for MiniCRM to be the obvious choice for Eastern European SMEs when they seek software to increase the productivity of their teams. To get there, they are developing the supporting technology and engage in education of customers to close the gap between their formal education and what knowledge is available in the world. Norbert is also the CEO & CTO, Co-Founder of Ltd. /, 2004 - 2009 Hungary based comparison shopping service in 7 European countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey), acquired by in 2009. Still growing strong today, and implementing new features to help shoppers find the best & most dependable shops. Plus, he worked as a technology consultant & lead developer on internal and external CRM (SAP/Siebel) and new technology (web, mobile) projects for SAP CRM & Siebel CRM consultant, Unitis Inc.

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Managing Partner, Solver Training&Consulting

Ronald Borsi has over 6 years of experience in training and public speaking. After a successful exit from his own telecom company, he has gained experience in executive positions of a multinational IT company. He is the co-founder of Solver Training & Consulting, a business for his heart, where he can experience both the joy of working with innovative training and team building projects and entrepreneurship. He has delivered open and in-house training programs in fields such as automotive, IT, telecom, insurance, FMCG and retail, both as part of entrepreneurial projects and in the corporate environment. As an educational consultant and a guest lecturer at the University of Oradea, he tries to increase students’ interest, using the experience he has gained in non-formal education programs. Passionate about organizational motivation, he conducts sociologic research in motivation, questioning any theory in the field and testing what works in Romania. A former professional athlete, he believes in lifelong development and considers any challenge is a training session that can teach him something.

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President, Președintele Grupului Eurolines Romania

Dragoș Anastasiu este un RePatriat de succes. La origine medic, este unul din cei mai de succes oameni de afaceri din prezent și președintele Grupului Eurolines România.

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, Phantomshopping

A graduate of the European Institutions Management department of the Faculty of European Studies (2004) at the Babes-Bolyai University, she started her professional career in AIESEC – the largest international students’ organization that gave her many opportunities for development. She worked for 6 months as an international marketing specialist at the University of Tartu, Estonia. She was close to working for Skype (Tallinn) and Google (Dublin) – but “because Romania was not a member of the EU at the time, I did not get those jobs due to the complicated procedures to obtain a working permit.” She launched Phantom Shopping in 2006 and the first international comparative study in 2008. In the same year, she became Executive Board Vice President of the Cluj Community Foundation. She has worked for clients such as: Ambient, Metro, Bricostore, Groupama, Plus GSM, etc. In her spare time she likes going out with friends, meeting new people, walking in nature and travelling the world.

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Consultant, PERFINF

Nicu are o experienta practica de peste 12 ani in trainingului si consultantei. Domeniile in care s-a specializat ca trainer si consultant sunt: managementul performantei, dezvoltarea sistemelor si proceselor organizationale, vanzari si customer suport. Are in portofoliu peste 50 de companii nationale si multinationale in care a sustinut peste 300 programe de training si consultanta.

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Marketing Director, EXEC-EDU

A marketing and sales manager for 8 years, with experience in the B2B sector (professional services) and EU project management. She has worked with clients from various industries, especially as a consultant, complex training project manager, event moderator. She graduated from the Faculty of Letters, has a Master’s degree in Marketing and Business Communication from ASE Bucharest and completed the Program Manager course at BLED School of Management, Slovenia. She is a graduate of the Excellency in management EXEC-EDU program, as well as other courses on presentation techniques, marketing and sales, leadership, customer service. In 2013 she completed the module Practitioner NLP Resonanz provided by the Kutschera Institute, Austria. She gave presentations at conferences and courses in the field, as well as marketing and customer service programs for companies in the IT&C sector. She is a member of HR Club and member of the Professional Women Network – Romania

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