Ronald Borsi .

Ronald Borsi has over 6 years of experience in training and public speaking. After a successful exit from his own telecom company, he has gained experience in executive positions of a multinational IT company. He is the co-founder of Solver Training & Consulting, a business for his heart, where he can experience both the joy of working with innovative training and team building projects and entrepreneurship. He has delivered open and in-house training programs in fields such as automotive, IT, telecom, insurance, FMCG and retail, both as part of entrepreneurial projects and in the corporate environment. As an educational consultant and a guest lecturer at the University of Oradea, he tries to increase students’ interest, using the experience he has gained in non-formal education programs. Passionate about organizational motivation, he conducts sociologic research in motivation, questioning any theory in the field and testing what works in Romania. A former professional athlete, he believes in lifelong development and considers any challenge is a training session that can teach him something.