Timisoara becomes the Capital of European Entrepreneurship in 11 to 12 October 2017

Timisoara becomes the Capital of European Entrepreneurship in 11 to 12 October 2017

For the first time in the history of Business Days, between October 11-12, Timisoara will host the International Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, a mega event dedicated to entrepreneurship and professional management. It will bring together over 60 events attended by more than 120 foreign and Romanian speakers and over 1,200 participants from the region and abroad, during these 2 days. It brings to the public in Timisoara special guests from the World Economic Forum, professors from renowned MBA schools in Europe, entrepreneurs with successful businesses, open to help and inspire other Romanian entrepreneurs.

The event will focus on supporting on multiple fields the entrepreneurs, managers and professionals in the region to develop skills, acquire new skills, and find solutions through exchange of experience. The sessions are built around the following areas: trends, entrepreneurship, marketing, communication, sales and customer relations, leadership and human resource management, management, business development, personal development.

Laszlo Pacso, as Business Days Project Manager, mentioned that

Timisoara remains a benchmark for business environment in Romania, which year after year succeeded to be next to Bucharest and Ilfov as turnover. It has been nominated for two years in a row in the top cities in Romania worth doing business and came out in front of all the cities in Romania when it has applied for the European Cultural Capital 2021. It is a city recognized for multiculturalism, for the tolerance and peaceful coexistence of the ethnicities living here. There are many advantages that this city has and if the plans proposed for the period when Timisoara will be the European cultural capital will materialize, will succeed to consolidate a vital pillar to increase the attractiveness of the city for young people. If it is strengthened with an adaptation and development of the university and high-schools environment, it can create a wave of attraction of young people from all cultures of the country, which will revive and reposition the attractiveness of the region in the eyes of investors, strengthened by the good infrastructure enjoyed by the region and proximity to the west.


Business Days representative thinks that Timisoara will be the most attractive city in all aspects of Romania after 2021:

“the premises are created, everything depends on how well public authorities, together with civil society, the academic environment and the cultural environment manage the huge pool of opportunities that 2021 Timisoara European Cultural Capital will bring in the region. If the cities Timisoara, Arad, Oradea, Szeged, Debrecen, Novi Sad and even Belgrade would work on joint development plans for the next 20-30 years, this region could create a very strong and attractive development center, where IT, automotive, innovation, creative industries, research, education, medicine, culture, sports and show-biz can play an extremely important role. In this context, we bring Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 to Timisoara to strengthen and create the context of realizing these visions. There will be speakers from different corners of Europe and other countries of the globe, foreign delegates and investors willing to see and interact with the business environment considered as a model in Romania.”


Event built on a research on the needs of the business environment in the region


Timisoara Entrepreneurship Summit event themes have been chosen based on market research conducted throughout the summer in the business environment in the region: Timis, Arad, Hunedoara, Caras-Severin, Bihor, Gorj and Mehedinti. The development needs of decision-maker factors in regional organizations and managers in the major strategic and development departments of organizations expecting the greatest engagement in business growth were mapped. We briefly present the findings of this research, with information given by 388 entrepreneurs, CEOs / GMs, human resources managers, trade managers and marketing department managers:

Top development needs:

According to directors of marketing: trends in marketing, customer experience, customer engagement, B2B marketing, measuring the impact of marketing campaigns, marketing planning, consumer understanding, branding, social media influence, competition analysis.

For the commercial directors: developing skills and negotiation techniques, develop skills and sales techniques, team management, coordination of sales, customer relationship management, sales management, direct management of indirect sales, prospecting and qualification, performance management of the sales team, effective management of the trade policies.

For human resource managers: modern methods of recruitment and selection of talent in the organization, attracting talent in the organization, modern methods to motivate staff, modern methods to increase the commitment of staff, management culture and organizational climate, management skills and professional development staffing, performance management in the organization, employer brand, trends in the labor market, modern trends in staff management.

For entrepreneurs and top managers: business development, business management, leadership, organization, modeling and structuring of business efficiency, talent attraction in the team, recruitment and selection of talent in the team, team development, performance management, strategic business planning, organizational culture.


The main directions of strategic development of the skills and abilities of the leaders of the organization:

According to top managers: 
- developing innovation capacity and improving processes and systems; 
- developing the skills to create and develop performing teams; 
- developing leadership skills; 
- developing management skills; 
- developing professional brand; 
- developing motivation skills; 
- developing commercial abilities (sales, negotiation, relationship).

According to human resources managers: 
- developing the skills to create and develop performing teams; 
- developing leadership skills; 
- developing motivation skills; 
- developing innovation capacity and improving processes and systems; 
- developing management skills; 
- developing decision-making abilities; 
- developing communication skills outside the organization; 
- personal development.

Special Projects at Entrepreneurship Summit in Timisoara

Because Business Days platform has become a catalyst center and a bridge of connections for younger generations, there were two special projects included in Entrepreneurship Summit in Timisoara:

BusinessDriveStartUP 2017 edition Timisoara - a contest dedicated to startups, held in two stages: a contest pitches in front of investors and business simulator which will be held on 11 October in Hotel Timisoara at 16:30.


Timisoara Business Days Junior Edition - a contest of communication and public speaking to students in middle school and high school, which will be held at the Opera in Timisoara on 12 October at 16:30. There 6 talented young people will speak in front of a hall filled with 700 entrepreneurs and managers about their vision for the future.

The Fair/Market of Manufacturers and Craftsmen called "Produced in Banat"

Starting this year, the Business Days platform has also undertaken to help small craftsmen and rural entrepreneurs. Thus, it will organize the second edition of this year's fair dedicated to Romanian manufacturers and craftsmen, this time under the auspices of "Produced in Banat". The event will take place on 11th-15th October, in the vicinity of Victoria Square, where it will expose around 40 stands/displays.



Business Days supports the project team of 2021 Timisoara European Cultural Capital

We can rightly say that Timisoara will become the business capital of Europe in the period 11th -15th  October, as in 2021 it will be the European cultural capital. Business Days undertook the mission to support the project team for 2021 Timisoara European Cultural Capital. In this spirit, it will dedicate to the event a special session that aims to involve as much as possible the business environment in the development and consolidation of culture as an essential link with health, education, entrepreneurship in the sustainable development of a community, regions and even the country.

For details about the event program and the possibility of purchasing access tickets, we are waiting for you on the Timisoara Business Days website: https://www.businessdays.ro/Evenimente/CEEES2017/Inscription1

The event is organized with the support of premium partners Raiffeisen Leasing, Fan Courier, Unicredit Bank, Chivas,   Iqos,   Medicis, BMW, Zoppas,   Agroland,   Tempini, Zitec, Autonom, Aqua Carpatica, Alira, Segafredo,   Design galaxies, PWC. Co-organizers: Medicis and Banatcar.

Media Partners:

Media partners: Romania Libera, Europa FM, 9AM, Business Cover, Financial Market, Business Journal, Business24, Ziare.com, Chich ELLITE, Avocatnet.ro, IQads, SMARK, Zelist Monitor, Ed Amaltea, Agerpres

Local media partners: Banatul Azi, ZU Radio, TVR Timisoara, Ziua de Vest, 24Fun, PressAlert, Arad24.net, Stiri pentru copii, Observator de Timis, PubliTim, Timis Online, Radio Romania Timisoara, evz.ro, Agenda, Provincialul.ro.

Community support: Aries Timisoara, CCIAT ANIS Clustero, GPEC

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