Join the Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 in Timisoara!

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the most important international business event of the year in Timisoara, where you can directly interact with over 1,200 entrepreneurs, managers and professionals from different fields of activities and where you can learn from and be inspired by over 120 Romanian and foreign speakers who are successful entrepreneurs, performance managers from renowned companies on the market and professionals with impeccable professional experience and reputation in their field of expertise, university teachers from reputed business schools in Europe, representatives of local authorities, members of the government, economic diplomats, motivational speakers, performers, culture people and artists.

You invest in this event as you would do it for a dinner at the restaurant with your family or friends and it also takes just a day of your life to enhance the value of the opportunities that trends and waves of change will reveal in the near future. You develop yourself as a professional and manager, you find solutions and answers to the problems and challenges you face, learn through the exchange of experience, learn to grow your business, develop your business through numerous business networking opportunities and interactions with participants, event partners and speakers.




Learn more about the access types!

There are several types of access to the Business Days events; each type of access has its own features and benefits. They allow you to configure your attendance at Business Days events according to your needs, opportunities and availability. All the access tickets to the Business Days events are multipass type. Loyal participants at Business Days events benefit from a 25% discount. Also, for many participants from the same organization or institution, there are offered volume discounts. Pupils, students and teachers can participate with a 50% discount to the Business Days events. Learn more about these facilities by visiting the REGISTRATION page. Learn more about each type of access by clicking on the links below:

Business Starter

Do you want to:

  • learn how to check and validate a business idea?
  • learn how to create a valid business model in order to put your idea into practice?
  • learn how to build your team?
  • learn how to make a business plan?
  • learn how to finance your business from the beginning?
  • learn how to promote yourself with impact at the beginning?
  • learn how to financially manage your business?


Business Trends

Do you want to: 

  • find out what are the trends that will redefine the economy and society?
  • understand what opportunities and threats will be revealed by the waves of change?
  • be inspired by successful entrepreneurs, top performance managers and outstanding professionals?
  • understand the mechanisms of the new business paradigm?
  • motivate yourself by listening to the success stories, inspirational examples from some outstanding people and speakers?
  • interact with hundreds of people concerned with personal and professional development (managers, entrepreneurs and professionals)?

Professional Development

Do you want to:

  • develop your skills as a manager and a professional?
  • increase your abilities in people management, leadership, sales, marketing, communication, negotiation, organization, planning, efficient resources management?
  • have answers to the questions and challenges you are facing?
  • have solutions to your problems?
  • participate in interactive sessions and learn through experience exchange?
  • better understand certain mechanisms and systems through case studies and examples of good practice?

Business Development

Do you want to:

  • grow and develop your business?
  • optimize internal processes to increase productivity, profitability and efficiency in using the resources?
  • reorganize your activity, department, or business?
  • understand the best ways to attract funds for your projects?
  • raise brand awareness or professional reputation?
  • access the global market?
  • innovate and make the competition irrelevant?
  • interact with entrepreneurs and successful managers with over 15 years of experience?



What is going on at the Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 in Timisoara?

 What is going on at the Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 in Timisoara?

If you are present, you will be able to participate to:

  • 8 plenary sessions with 6 presentations of 15 minutes each one (a total of 60 presentations during these 2 days, focused on trends, inspirational success stories, presentation of business opportunities, analyzes, syntheses, motivational speeches)
  • 2 special sessions with special guests at the end of each day
  • 8 special startup sessions
  • 2 BusinessDriveStartUp sessions (a pitch competition and a business simulator)
  • 20 interactive workshops focused on learning through experience exchange, case studies, examples of good practice, questions and answers, stage interviews, debates on topics of interest (there are 3-5 speakers invited for each workshop, who are specialists, practitioners, entrepreneurs or experienced managers in the field). The workshops will have the themes: sales (5), marketing (5), leadership and management (6), hr (4)
  • 10 advanced masterclass sessions focused on business development and addressing in particular to decision-makers in organizations (entrepreneurs, top managers, department managers)
  • in addition to each event, numerous informal and formal business networking contexts and sessions are created to facilitate project and business generation between participants
  • sessions and manifestations are held in six rounds sessions that run in parallel over 5 time slots of 100 minutes each during a day.




Promote yourself in front of hundreds of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals!

 Promote yourself in front of hundreds of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals!

At the Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 Timisoara you have the opportunity to promote and interact directly with hundreds of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals from the region, from all over Romania and from Central and Eastern Europe, to whom you can promote your services and products, from which you can get direct feedback, and you can collect valuable leads that can turn into real business opportunities.

Here are some numbers that can help you to understand the magnitude and the potential of the event:

  • 1200 entrepreneurs, managers and professionals from various fields (learn more about the profile of participants from the statistics extracted from the 27 editions that have been held so far)
  • around 120 experienced speakers (successful entrepreneurs, top managers in high-performing companies, experienced professionals, university professors from reputable business schools, motivational speakers, performers, artists, representatives of local authorities, members of the government)
  • over 100 partners with whom you can interact directly in the expo area, socializing area and business networking
  • over 25,000 on-line live viewings from the event and the live Business TV studio
  • over 500,000 views of the pictures posted from the event
  • over 600,000 views of post-posted video content on the Business Days and BD TV platform, socialization platforms
  • at least 250 post event events by media partners supporting the platform or event


Do not miss the unique opportunity to promote yourself to the most important business event in your city! Fill in this form and we will help you with the most appropriate package according to your needs and expectations.