Workshop 16 - Attracting, retaining and motivating talents within the team

To whom is it addressed? – Entrepreneurs, managers who coordinate teams, human resources managers, human resources professionals

What is the procedure? – Moderated Q&A sessions


Perhaps it is one of the challenges of current times and definitely one of the greatest headaches for managers, leaders and entrepreneurs today: the capacity to attract talents and the right people for the team, whether we speak of managers or other staff.

The more competitive the industry you are part of, the greater the challenger. If you carry out your activity in a region where the job offers are more than the demand, the challenge becomes even greater, and if the educational system is not aligned to the demand of the labor market and it delivers inadequately trained or inadequate graduates, the challenge becomes painful.

Nevertheless, specialists, experts and practicians in human resources find solutions and adapt in order to be able to provide the performance demanded by managers and required by the standards in the industry.

Creating a strong brand by the employer is one of the most important viable long-term strategies to attract competent staff. One of the most beneficial effects of a strong brand is attracting young talents and top candidates, as well as increasing the employee retention rate.

The workshop aims to help understand the modern trends in the art of recruiting talent and to find solutions to the current challenges of human resources managers and team leaders when they are looking for the best people for their teams:

  • how to create a strong and efficient employer brand?
  • what are the trends in the current expectations of talented candidates?
  • whatare the trends in recruiting, selecting and evaluating candidates in the context of these changes?
  • how does the employee motivation strategy change in the context where employer brand strategies are applied?
  • how important is the degree of compatibility between the values and principles of the company and those of the future employee and how does it affect the performance of the employee?
  • what does the optimal benefit package look like and what are the techniques that help you sketch such a package?
  • how important is the team to increase the talent and efficient employees retention rate?
  • how important is the flexible approach of the work relationship to attract talents?
  • how do you build a marketing strategy today to attract talents in your company and your team?
  • how important are the online media and the social media channels in recruiting talents?
  • what other methods do you have to attract talents in your organization?
  • how can you differentiate yourself from competitors, when you are carrying out recruitment campaigns for the same jobs at the same time?
  • how do you identify a talent?
  • how can you make sure a candidate is the right person for your team?
  • how can you evaluate with minimal risks the performance that a candidate can generate in the short, medium and long run?

Because all these topics cannot be touched in a 100-minute seminar, it is useful to prioritize these topics, either by requesting a top 5 topics to the moderators beforehand, which you would like guests to approach with examples or case studies, followed by Q&A sessions, or by requesting at the beginning a Q&A session that clears out as many of the questions of the audience during the workshop, and then the moderator will divide the questions from the audience to the guests, according to the area of expertise of each of them.

Ask a question to the specialists at this workshop through the moderator of this action!


In order to attend this workshop you need a PLUS access ticket (one day or both days) or PREMIUM (one day or both days).

Invest in your personal and professional development! Be better than your competition! 


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List of speakers

Senior Community Leader,

David Horner is a Senior Community Leader in Raleigh, North Carolina weaving the civil society, the academic and the business community together. As a native of North Carolina, David completed an undergraduate degree at Wake Forest University, a master’s degree from Gordon-Conwell and is currently a PhD candidate in leadership. His passion is developing, growing and mentoring leader, a job that he has wonderfully performed fort almost four decades in the United Stated and abroad. He is an accomplished author and conference speaker and sits on board of numerous multi-million dollars organizations. David and his wife Cathy have been married 42 years, have three married sons and five grandchildren.

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Manager , SMART HR

Magnoliu Stan is currently a Senior Trainer and Manager of the Smart HR company. He has a professional activity of over 15 years in human resources and personal development, and over 12 years as a CNFPA and Persolog certified trainer. He started Smart HR in 2002, a company that provides full HR&Business services, from training, recruitment and staff selection, professional and psychological evaluation to coaching and business consulting. The success of his endeavor is reflected in the strong team he has built in all these years of continuous activity, as well as in his partnerships with Swiss Consulting Group and renowned figures such as Mario Bruehlmann, Christian Sartorius, Jim Bagnola, John Maxwell Team andthe Antal Romania team.

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Director HR, Ropharma

Dan este membru al Consiliului de Administrație și director al departamentului de resurse umane al companiei Ropharma - un business integrat, cu activități de producție, distribuție, retail în sectorul farmaceutic și de servicii medicale. Din aceasta pozitie, participa activ la dezvoltarea strategiei si politicilor de resurse umane, atragerea si managementul talentelor fiind una din provocarile permanente carora le raspunde. Experienta sa in implementarea principiilor Lean Sigma si in gestionarea sistemelor integrate de resurse umane, l-au sustinut in atragerea si dezvoltarea talentelor in reteaua nationala de peste 120 de farmacii administrata in prezent de Ropharma.

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Managing Partner, BRUMM

Cu peste 17 ani de experienta in piata de training & consultanta, antreprenor, trainer si consultant, experienta in designul si conducerea programelor de training si dezvoltare HR, in companii private, servicii publice si administratie, in domeniile: comunicare, dezvoltarea echipei, leadership, abilitati manageriale, vanzari si customer delight, managementul schimbarii si al tranzitiilor, negociere.

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