Workshop 8 - Business development

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Founder and CEO, SLG Thomas International AB

Since 1971, Per Falck is selling, growing businesses and motorbiking around Europe! After working for big companies like Electrolux and IKEA, he decided to set up his own business, SLG International. In 1990 he gained the rights for Thomas International in more European countries and in 1998, together with Sorina Bradea and Carmen Sasu, he established the Thomas business in Romania. Now, SLG is present in Azerbaijan, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden and Ukraine. Per is still passionate by sales and organisational development and he is working for companies like IKEA, Volvo, Scania, Swedish Retail Trade, doing Service management, sales management, individual, team and organisational development. The words that best describe Per are action, results and friendship

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Owner, BanuInvest

Florentin Banu, former Romanian badminton champion, is the author of two big successful businesses on the Romanian market: S.C. Joe I.B.C S.R.L. (business crowned with the success with which the sale of the company was made to Nestle, world manufacturer in the food) and S.C. Artima R.I.C.supermarket company (firm that was sold to PEF Investment Polish concern in March 2005, subsequently becoming “Carrefour” supermarket chain). The business man from Timișoara is currently focused on supporting the threebusinesses that he holds. Together with his brother, he controls, via the Banuinvest Group, three businesses – Banuconstruct (real estate development and construction in Timișoara), Banusport (a sports center developed in Timișoara) and Interpart Production (business with plastics and moulds, especially for the automotive industry).

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Business Angel, Venture Capital Catalyst Romania

Partener in cadrul fondului de Venture Capital Catalyst Romania (3TS Capital Partners), antreprenor in serie si business-angel cu investitii de succes in Europa de Est, Marius Ghenea se afla in topul oamenilor de afaceri conform Forbes Romania.

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Associate Dean, MsM Romania

Sergiu Neguț ( is a consultant and Board adviser, specialized in hands-on entrepreneurial growth and business transformation. He is a frequent speaker and acts as Associate Dean of Entrepreneurial Growth with Maastricht School of Management Romania. Sergiu is an active Business Angel, with a number of local investments including frufru, 2parale, Softelligence or Intermedicas. Previously, Sergiu has been ExecutiveDirector of Regina Maria Healthcare Network, coordinating together with the founder an accelerated (10x) growth of the company through a mix of organic growth, greenfields and acquisitions, including selling the company twice to PE investors. Before Regina Maria, Sergiu has coordinated from Austria and Switzerland the East European expansion of Amgen. Sergiu proudly holds an MBA from INSEAD, and his previous education includes a Computer Science degree from Politehnica University of Bucharest and an International Business degree from ASE.

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Executive Director, Cluj Innovation City Foundation

Alexandru Tulai has over 30 years of experience in the IT business and over 15 years in research and academia. He coordinated multiple projects and he has lead implementations of integrated software solutions for the support and development of companies from different business sectors as well as governmental level projects. During the last years, Alexandru had an important role as a business developer and business coacher, leading teams of consultants in important international (Belgian, German, Swiss etc.) software companies and leading implementation projects in Romania and abroad, in public and private sectors. Alexandru is certified as a Change Management Practitioner from APMG International, London and currently is the CEO of an organizational and leadership development company. Since 2012, Alexandru Tulai was elected the President of the Cluj IT Cluster leading the strategic development of the organization and acting as a business development manager in several projects run by the Cluster. Since July 2015, he is the Executive Director of Cluj Innovation City Foundation and member of the Directors Board of the cluster. He is also an active supporter and promoter of technology transfer and innovation, creating during the last years important bridges between the academia and the business.

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Managing Partner, Diagma

Dragoș Popescu has built his consultant and trainer career starting from a direct solid experience in business. He occupied top managerial positions, particularly in the telecom industry (Sales Manager – Bel Pagette, Customer Service Manager – Vodafone, Operations / Country Manager – Motorola). He currently organizes training sessions, preponderantly in the fields of: Sales and Negotiation, Marketing, Finances, Budgets and Financial Analysis, Business Management, Project Management. His courses are highly interactive and are always accompanied by practical exemplifications and concrete instruments, developed and/or acquired by Dragoș in his business experience. A drop of humour (or more) turn(s) the courses that he teaches, every time, in enjoyable and memorable experiences

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Consultant Comunicare în Business I Expert Media I Founder Powerful Communication, Powerful Communication

Laura Dragomir este Consultant Comunicare în Business și Expert Media. De asemenea, este trainer, facilitator, speaker și moderator evenimente de business.

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