Special workshop 3 - A new era in business: social impact entrepreneurship

To whom is it addressed? – Entrepreneurs, managers who coordinate teams, human resources managers, human resources professionals.

What is the procedure? – Presentation session and moderated Q&A session.


This workshop is given by Marius Ghenea, one of the most appreciated Romanian entrepreneurs. Marius has an experience of over 20 years in the field of entrepreneurship, currently coordinating the investments of Venture Capital funds of 3TS Capital Partners, for Central and Eastern Europe.

He is a member of The Venture jury, the global competition for entrepreneurship with social impact, which was organized this year by Chivas in Romania, too.

During the workshop:

  • you will have the chance to discover the world of entrepreneurship with a social impact and to learn what is necessary for a change for the better in society
  • you will learn how a social entrepreneur can be successful in business, by building a strategic vision, which allows them to see beyond mere profit
  • you will understand why it is increasingly important in the present that any business considers the welfare of the community it is active in and why the future belongs to businesses with a social impact.

In order to attend this workshop you need a valid ticket access for the event CEE Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 (it can be BASIC, PLUS, PREMIUM or VIP).

Invest in your personal and professional development! Be better than your competition! 

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List of speakers

Business Angel, Venture Capital Catalyst Romania

Partener in cadrul fondului de Venture Capital Catalyst Romania (3TS Capital Partners), antreprenor in serie si business-angel cu investitii de succes in Europa de Est, Marius Ghenea se afla in topul oamenilor de afaceri conform Forbes Romania.

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Antreprenor online, Kooperativa 2.0

Scrie de 10 ani pe blogul sau cristianchinabirta.ro. A publicat peste 13.000 de articole în acest timp. A organizat în cei 10 ani de activitate peste 300 de campanii cu şi pentru bloggeri. În acelaşi timp, a participat că blogger la peste 200 de campanii.

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Director Executiv, Startup Transilvania Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center - Cluj Napoca

Alexandru este director executiv al Startup Transilvania Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center din Cluj Napoca. Are o experiență de 12 ani în mediul academic unde a ținut cursuri de management strategic, conducerea afacerilor, antreprenoriat și etica afacerilor. Alexandru este doctor în management și a realizat o cercetare postdoctorală în vederea dezvoltării ecosistemelor antreprenoriale inovative în domeniul tehnologiei informației din România. Domeniile de expertiză și de cercetare sunt managementul organizațional, managementul strategic, antreprenoriat, inovație, management de produs, design thinking, creativitate, echipe creative și leadership.

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