Sesiune speciala [Antreprenoriat] 3 - Masterclass Antreprenoriat


Special sessions are interactive sessions focusing on knowledge transfer through experience exchange. The sessions are focused on case studies, examples of good practice, analyses and are followed by interactive sessions of moderate questions and answers. The level of knowledge transfer is basic and allows participants to understand all the concepts, methodologies, systems and mechanisms of work circulated.


“Masterclass Antreprenoriat” is a workshop designed for founders who want a comprehensive and foundational understanding on what investors are looking for when funding a start-up or scale-up business, beginning from pitching your business to building success and how to get funding.


Entrepreneurs at the beginning of activity, those who have business ideas and want to successfully put them on the market, those passionate about entrepreneurship, people who consider the opportunity to start on the path of entrepreneurship, young people from the high school and college terminals Who want to put the balance of entrepreneurship as a career option.


  • Get insight of the motivations and decision points of investors;
  • Understanding investors types and valuation methods;
  • Get in the shoes of an investor;
  • Understand the value of a dollar – how much money you realistically need;
  • Top mistakes most Start-Ups do;
  • Various tools that can help increase the value of your startup;
  • Pitch training to get you ready for your funding round; and much more!


  • Presentations of speakers that will contain at least a synthesis of the main ideas circulated during the presentation
  • A list of articles, books, sites where participants can deepen the terms, notions and tools offered by the speakers
  • A number of tools that those present can use the second day in activity
  • Access to a number of resources and tools through the Business Days platform (reserved only to participants in Business Days events)


Lista speakeri

Stephen J. Wright, Digital & Circular Transformation Expert

Advisor to Corporates, Governments and Institutions across Europe on business transformation and sustainable technologies. (Entrepreneur / Mentor and Innovator) Business and technology advisor with over 20 years in business leadership and organisational transformation.

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CEO, Romania

Campion al României la Public Speaking în 2011, Călin este unul dintre cei care au avut impact major la dezvoltarea Public Speaking-ului din România. Pasiunea pentru vorbitul în public și-a descoperit-o în cadrul organizației Toastmasters, organizație pe care a coordonat-o ca și Guvernator al României.

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