Stephen Wright

Who is Stephen Wright?

Advisor to Corporates, Governments and Institutions across Europe on business transformation and sustainable technologies. (Entrepreneur / Mentor and Innovator) Business and technology advisor with over 20 years in business leadership and organisational transformation.

Over the last 10 years, I have been operating my own European advisory service to financial institutions and their portfolio companies.
Visionary operational leader, with deep focus in both analytics, research and game-changing ideas that produce value from within. Effective communicator focused on building the bridge between context and the unique assets that every business needs to stay ahead of the competition.
Experienced in all aspects of business strategy, digital technologies, growth
strategies and turnaround management.
Motivated investor in high potentials start-ups and devoted lecturer for future generations.


Most important and relevant jobs/career paths:
  •  10 successful years of Private Equity experience in business turnarounds and general transformation as an Operational Leader
  • Partner and Board member of zehnplus, AI software development company mastering the customer’s digital journey, based in Zürich
  •  Founding member of the World Innovation Forum
  •  Lecturer at Zürich and Luzern Universities of Applied Sciences “Masters level” since 2016
  •  CEO of Melita Communications, launched world’s first integrated Mobile,TV, Internet communication platform
  • CEO of Fibernet, turnaround from loss making –5% EBITDA to a +45% EBITDA growth
  • COO and Board member of Invitel, leading 900 people (IT Networks, Care, Sales) through a profitable transformation
  • CIO & Operations Director at Cablecom, part of the executive management team that turned around Cablecom and sold it to Liberty Global
  • Organisational Leadership,
  • Business re-engineering Strategies,
  • Digital Technologies,
  • Mergers/ Acquisitions,
  • Product/ Service Innovation,
  • Growth Strategies,
  • Turnaround Management,
  • Operational Restructuring,
  • Deal Structuring and Negotiation,
  • Business Operational and transformational change
  • Programme Management,
  • Company restructuring,
  • IT re-engineering,
  • Programme delivery


National and international certifications
  •  Master of Business Management, St Gallen, Switzerland
  • Degree in International Management, FGCU, Florida
  •  Expert advisor to the Circular Economy Switzerland
  • Senior Lecturer at the Universities of Zürich and Lucerne Applied Sciences in Leadership, Business Innovation, Startup methodologies and Funding.


Main values and principles that guides he has in life and career:
  • Leadership is nothing without people that are being empowered to realise their potential.
  • Envisioning sustainable organizational and customer value through fostering innovative models.
  • Unlocking new levels of prosperity, not only for the organization, but for the society.
  • Innovation is the master key to competitiveness, disruption from within the organization.


What are the main key words that describes and recommend Mr. Wright?
  •  Serial CEO / Investor / Fundraiser
  • Business Transformation leader for Private Equity investors
  • Advisor to Corporates, Governments and Institutions across Europe on business transformation and sustainable technologies.


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