Masterclass [Business development] 3- Fusion between technology and sustenability


The Masterclass  is an advance session that focuses on the transfer of knowledge through interactive presentations.


For all the entrepreneurs who are interested or responsible for building a digital end to end interface to your customer interactions.


Fusion between technology and sustenability is a transformation even more than the internet. An explosion of technology advances, increased competition and greater consumer empowerment mean all industries face the threat of commoditization. Those that succeed will take immediate action and build a strategic advantage that leaves their counterparts wondering how they can catch up.
“Fusion between technology and sustenability” is a masterclass designed for anyone who is interested or responsible for building a digital end to end interface to your customer interactions, who want to gain an understanding of how to digitise and how would they benefit by implementing them into their current business model.


  • Learn how to build a digital vision
  • Know how to develop a single view of and to your customers
  • Pragmatic approaches of linking existing assets to new digital technologies
  • Build processes and technologies that empower people
  • Effective investment rules and coordination mechanisms that improve efficiency
  • Ensure employees are engaged in a shared digital vision
  • Make strategic choices on where to excel digitally


  • Become the disruptor in your industry
  • Build an effective and efficient zero touch operating model
  • Grow revenues through new sales channels
  • Deliver real-time customer support that delights consumers whilst lowering costs
  • Bring products to market faster
  • Build greater client and employee loyalty through an always-on sales and support environment


For all participants: 

  • the presentation of speaker that containes the main ideas of his speakech
  • a list of references, recommendations, books, articles, sites, platforms, courses everything that helps you to know more about this topic
  • a list with at least one tool or instrument that can help you to be more effective in your activity


Lista speakeri

Stephen J. Wright, Digital & Circular Transformation Expert

Advisor to Corporates, Governments and Institutions across Europe on business transformation and sustainable technologies. (Entrepreneur / Mentor and Innovator) Business and technology advisor with over 20 years in business leadership and organisational transformation.

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