Technology changes the work market radically: Two out of three entrepreneurs want to invest in employees

Technology changes the work market radically: Two out of three entrepreneurs want to invest in employees

The most important abilities entrepreneurs look for in their employees are the active learning, good oral articulation and computer knowledge.

Eight out of ten entrepreneurs consider it is very important that employees are trained at their workplace, and two quarters of them consider that the companies can adapt to changes that will influence the workplace of the future just by investing in their own employees.

Two out of three entrepreneurs (68% of the respondents) believe investment in readapting and developing the employers’ abilities according to the future’s requests is the most efficient strategy for success. Other strategies mentioned by business people is the apprenticeship and internship programmes (64%) or mobility and rotating employees (60% of the respondents), a new study, conducted by Business Days in the entire country, on the biggest business networking platform in Romania, shows about the analysis of the impact disruptive factors have over the work market and of the needs of developing the Romanian companies’ personnel abilities and qualifications.

The entrepreneurs questioned believe that the main fields in which they would invest in increasing qualification and developing abilities for the subordinate team would be oral communication (36% of the responses), creativity (32%) and emotional intelligence of the employers (31%).

According to the study, the main abilities entrepreneurs are looking for in a person they want to employ are the active learning, oral articulation and the ability to use the computer and the internet. Creativity is the fourth criterion entrepreneurs use to select their future employees. The study has been conducted on a scale of 280 entrepreneurs (30%), top managers (20%), department managers (5%) and HR managers (45%) from the entire country and various fields.

According to this study the main walls the entrepreneurs hit while implementing the right strategy are limited resources (25% of the respondents) and the fact that the human resources strategy is not in-line with the innovation strategy (18% of the respondents).

The most popular way to develop abilities and qualifications for the people in an organization are learning at the work place (82% of the respondents), organizing training sessions with external trainers for the team (68% of the respondents) or with professional trainers (61% of the respondents). The main problems businesses have when entrepreneurs believe they might need advices, ideas or suggestions for improving their business’s performance are the performance management in an organization (57 of the answers), time management (43%) and leadership and team management (39%).

The changes brought by the new technologies on the work market will have a say in the inland businesses, the entrepreneurs questioned believe. On the short term, the most important factor, in their opinion, is the raise of young people’s maladjustment to changes in the work market. On the medium and long term, the most important factors are the development of the middle class and climatic changes.

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