Webinar - Alex Cernatescu

    Webinar - Alex Cernatescu

    Topicuri de discutie

    Business, Advertising & Communication, Strategy, Technology, How to cope with the pandemic impact?

Alex Cernatescu

Despre invitat

  • CEO, Co-Founder & Global Head of Strategy - Stefanini Infinit
  • Founder & President of the Academic Board - Infinit Academy
  • International Public Speaker on Technology, Marketing, Advertising & Trends
  • Passionate Futurologist & Awakener
  • Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing & Business Evolutive Transformation Trusted Advisor

Alexandru Cernătescu has over 16 years of experience in Digital Advertising, Digital Transformation, Innovation, Software & Technology Companies.

The last 13 years of his career are a successful entrepreneurial story by co-founding in 2007 what is now one of the largest digital agencies in Romania and one of the fastest growing in Europe – Infinit Solutions Agency – which stood at the base of the 2019 joint venture with Stefanini thus creating Stefanini Infinit. Stefanini Infinit serves brands like Suzuki, Arctic, Chio, Nutline, Pom-Bar (Intersnack), Hellmans, Delik’at (Unilever), CEC Bank, Tantum Verde (Angelini), METRO and more, focusing on the integral management of these brands in the digital area and on the turnkey development and running of integrated campaigns with digital in the center, creative but at the same time with a great focus on measurable results.

For his professional and business performance, Alexandru was awarded the Forbes “30 under 30” award for innovation, entrepreneurship and disruptive media impact.

Alexandru is a very experienced consultant in the digital transformation of businesses, brand development in digital and alternative channels, business development and is one of the most well-known and recognized Romanian international speakers in the field of digital marketing, technology and trends having over 150 keynote presentations or trainings sustained, both in Romania and in many different regions of the world, dozens of TV appearances and hundreds of press appearances or materials on these topics

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