Klaus Hoffbeck

Klaus Hoffbeck is one of the leading experts in negotiation techniques/dispute resolution, body language and influence and is an experienced and sought-after lecturer nationally and internationally. He has over the years taught thousands of business people as well as been used in the media and national television as a commentator on in particular politicians' body language and credibility. Mikkel Gudsøe also works as chief attorney in Commercial Law, IPR & Mediation in the trade organization Danish Fashion and Textile. He is a lecturer in Legal Negotiation at Aarhus University and a trained mediator (and responsible for the institution: DM & T Mediation). Mikkel Gudsøe has a Master in Psychology and graduated Master of Non-verbal Behavior of former FBI Special Agent specializing in body language Joe Navarro.

Mikkel Gudsøe teaches multiple models, of which Harvard Principled Negotiation is the foundation, which is seasoned with several of Mikkel Gudsøes own models and tools for understanding and preparing for negotiations - including 4-D negotiation, Positive-Negative-Positive model Negotiate-O-meter and Tricks-O-meter, SET-model as well of other proven methods for enhancing influence, leadership and business.

Mikkel Gudsøe has held numerous master classes around the world and as examples hereof: Master Class lectures ("Body language, verbal leaks and clues of deception in negotiation") at Bern University - World Trade Institute 3 times, and Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Master Class lectures ("4-D Negotiation & Persuasion") Bond University in Australia, Master Class lectures ("Preparing Negotiations") at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, USA.

Further he has acted and acts as judge, mediator and coach at various highly professional business oriented competitions such as the International Negotiation Competition, Global Negotiation Competition (coached the winning team 2 years in a row – 2014, 2015) at Bern University – World Trade Institute and the International Commercial Mediation Competition at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.