Emrah Akçay

Emrah Akçay is Communication/lie detection expert. He was born in 1976. He’s graduated from War Academy as a Gendarmerie Lieutenant and worked in different cities in Turkey. He also worked in Sarajevo/Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kabul/Afghanistan, and Vicenza/Italy. He’s the head of Social Media of Turkish Gendarmerie since 2017.
He worked as an instructor in Gendarmerie Non-commissioned Officers’ Vocational School, and thought communication and PR.
He has a master’s degree on Communication Design and Management. He’s writing his PhD thesis on the same major. His thesis name is: Subjective and Objective Signs on Lie Detection. His main academic topics are interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication, and lie detection.
He has the certificates from these courses:
• Struggling Human Trafficking and Trading Course/EU/Sarajevo
• Strategic Communication in NATO Course/PfP/Ankara
• Media and Terrorism/COE-DAT/Ankara
• Video and Photography Editing/Turkish Radio and Television Corporation
• Social Media Expertise Course/Ankara University
His main principle on life and carrier can be briefly expressed as “Persevero”. That means “I persist on”. He’s very decisive on his life and his studies. Nothing can distract him from his goals.