Ovidiu Oltean .

I believe that the most efficient way to discover who we really are is through unconditional Love.

Through all my projects, I inspire and support the Human being, so that through his words and actions he can retrieve and express in the outside world, the Love he carries within.

For this, I founded 3 projects: Life Speaking and 5MS, for public speaking and communication and Focul Vocației, for discovering one’s calling and life mission. I am also a facilitator at Speaker Elite and Immediate Past President at Toastmasters Cluj.

In 2013 I discovered public speaking at Toastmasters Cluj and I fell in love with the stage instantly. I started working on my presentation and acting skills and the results followed shortly: I won two European Public Speaking contests (Boras 2015 and Frankfurt 2014) and I started receiving invitations to major romanian speaking events: Business Days, 11even, TEDx, Afaceri.ro, ZEN Fest.