Voicu Oprean .

Voicu Oprean is the General Manager of AROBS Transilvania Software, a company specialized in developing software solutions for GPS navigation, apps for mobile phones and a vast experience in outsourcing for the tourism, banking, transport, health and automotive industries.

He founded AROBS in June 1998 in order to prove young programmers that they can build a successful career in software development in Romania, as well, without having to emigrate. The 15 years of success and development that the company has had are due to these IT specialists who works for large-scale projects, both for foreign and Romanian clients. In 2013, AROBS means a company with 5 offices in the country and abroad (Cluj, Bucharest, Iaşi, Budapest, Chişinău) where over 350 specialists work. They permanently support and develop the activity of the 3 main lines of business:

  • Developing customized software solutions through outsourcing for companies of various industries (tourism, automotive, health, banking), including apps for Android and iOS mobile platforms. AROBS is one of the established suppliers of software solutions for foreign countries, which has managed to create long-term partnerships with companies in Finland, Great Britain, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany and the USA, in its 15 years of activity.
  • Software solutions dedicated to the internal market used by over 2000 business clients in Romania: GPS monitoring and car fleet management apps, SFA and CRM apps for sales automation and warehouse and storeroom management, the ticket and badge sales automation solution for public transport companies, the first TMC system in Romania to provide real-time information from traffic.
  • GPS navigation system distribution in Romania and Eastern Europe. Smailo, the AROBS own brand, became in January 2012 the best-selling navigation system in Romania and along with the other brands in the portfolio (Mio and Becker), it made the company the largest GPS navigator distributor in the country.

The success of Smailo GPS in recent years has determined the company to make the next step, namely to increase the range of products by including Android tablets under the same brand. With 7”, 8” and 9.7” screens, the Smailo Web Energy tablets are created for users who want access to Internet and useful and entertainment apps, but they have a limited budget.

“In all I am doing, I am trying to promote a model of work and life based on mutual respect among people, clients and the community, respect for life and the environment. It is a personal goal of mine to create a harmonious balance between professional and family dedication, complemented by sports activities and involvement in the community. “Voicu Oprean, general manager of AROBS Transilvania Software