Ioana Selner.

Graduate of Bucharest University, of the Faculty of Journalism and Sciences of Communication, with an experience of 4 years in the radio and 5 years in the national televisions in Bucharest, Ioana “exchanged” Journalism for Communication and Bucharest for Timisoara.

The young entrepreneur is convinced of the fact that the success of the business depends only to herway of being and the people with “beautiful souls” that she works with. She likes to say that: “My life is like a dance floor, where I waltz among the most beautiful experiences that sketch my story. I live the way I feel, I have my own rules and I am body and soul dedicated to everything I do. I do PR with a soul, for the people. First of all, I communicate with respective person. When the person feels that I want to help them, they build trust in meand thus a human relation and then a professional one is created.”

Ambitious and brave, Ioana accomplishes her objectives taking small and safe steps.